My pottery is useful!

I run into the situation sometimes of my pottery being seen as precious because it is handmade. While there is comfort and value in having something handmade, part of the value of pottery is its’ usefulness. I present to you some possibilities.july2014 009

Face vase displaying some daylilies(including the infamous ditch lily) and cinnamon basil blossoms.

Meatloaf patties with barbecue sauce and cheese on a wheelthrown stoneware platter.july2014 001

dinner on handmade plates.

dinner on handmade plates.

Steak with fried potatoes and kale on stoneware plates.

And last but not least mango in a mug. An experiment in growing mango trees in a handmade, earthenware mug                                                                     .july2014 004

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