Updates! “sort of”

I am still in the learning curve. Including the part with allocating and organizing time. Little stuff seems to eat my time. So scheduling blocks of time for pottery. Could be learning it, practicing, making, or writing, or just doing. It’s strangely satisfying to be able to get the necessary things done and the nonsense. I can’t really blame the pandemic, using time wisely hasn’t been a strength of mine. According to spell check, neither is spelling. Here are some pictures to show this is a pottery blog and here is an announcement. The Central Maine Clay Artists, CMCA, are doing their pop up shop inside another shop. Monkitree has graciously invited us to show and sell in there. They are in Gardiner Maine, on Water Street and will be adding us later in November! The pandemic has changed our plans but not canceled them!

Some of the items you will see at Monkitree!

Learning curve

I am now in the beginning phase of this website. I have blogged, now I am trying to promote my pottery. Please excuse the hiccups was I walk through this. Thank you!

goddess cup

It is a functional bowl that can hold yarn, pencils, a plant, or fruit. Maybe even a dream or two. They stand about 7 inches high and are 5 to 6 inches wide, with a depth of 4 to 5. No two are exactly alike. Shipping charges based on weight and location. I will ship least expensive option.